Self Care Morning Routine

If you've read any of my posts or follow me on instagram (@happily.jessie) you'll know that I'm always talking about self care.

Like every single day.

And not the kind of self care that's like 'oh go have a hot bath and a cup of tea and you'll feel 10x better'.

(Yes that's a dig, if you've been a child in the UK mental health services you'll understand)

No, I'm taking about real self care. As in the kind of self care that can get you out of a low place. 

So, I'm going to let you in on something that not many people realise. This kind of self care, the self care that actually helps, it's all in your daily routines.

Self-care is all about recognising your mental and physical needs in order to take care of yourself. If you can identify these needs and make them part of your everyday routine, you'll be working on your mental health everyday without even realising. 

Sounds good right? Now, let me show you how to actually create a self care morning routine for your mental health.

(+ I'll share the morning routine that helped me get back on track, improve my mental health and come of my antidepressants in 2021)

Identifying your needs

I briefly spoke about this in my self care evening routine post, identifying your needs and what self care will benefit you is super important. 

For example, exercise is a popular form of self care for many people but if you hate getting sweaty with a passion, then its not going to work for you. 

Take a moment to think about yourself and your life. 

Grab a pen and paper (or just the notes app on your phone) and answer the following questions. 

- What hobbies/ activities make me feel good and fulfilled?

- Whats something I've always wanted to start doing but never got round to?

- When I'm having a low day, what makes me feel better?

From these questions, you should have identified a couple of activities that you can become part of your self care routine. 

Example time!

When I asked myself these questions, these were my answers...

What hobbies and activities make me feel good and fulfilled? 

- Reading is a big one for me. I've always read since I was a young child. Drawing and anything crafty helps me relax as well.

Whats something I've always wanted to start doing but never got round to?

- Practising good skincare. I've always been a soap and water kind of gal but my sensitive skin needs a bit more than that. 

When I'm having a low day what makes me feel better?

- It's not something I'm great at pushing myself to do but going for a walk with an audio book always helps. Also journaling when I feel overwhelmed and stressed.

Being realistic

Now you've hopefully identified the habits you want as part of your self care morning routine, its time to look at your life and schedule. 

You see, if you work a busy 40+ hour week, are an overworked student or a busy mum, your time is precious. 

I get that. 

But, even if you take just an 15-30 minutes of your morning to do your self care, you'll see a huge improvement in your mental health overtime. 

So, take a mental look at your current morning schedule. Which of the self care activities that you identified can you comfortable slot into your current routine?

If you can't find space for any of them, is there any way you could make some extra time on the morning? 

Could you wake up 15 minutes earlier each day? Could you do any of them on your morning commute? 

For example, if like me you had reading on your list but can't find the time to sit down and pick up a book, could you listen to an audio book on audible as you drive to work, sit on the train or fold the morning laundry?

I read for 15 minutes as part of my morning and evening routine however, I know that I struggle with time on a morning. So, I listen to audiobooks on audible when I'm packing orders or doing my morning skincare. 

By doing this I can keep practising self care even when I start my work day.

(Please don't think I'm saying that every single second of your morning needs to be crammed full of activities. It really doesn't and that is not healthy for anyone. Even if you can only do one thing, it's one little bit of time you've dedicated to yourself and our mental health).

Sticking to the routine

Sticking to any new routine is never easy and you have to allow yourself to slip up sometimes. 

You're doing this for your mental health, not to be perfect. 

I was never any good at sticking to new routines and habits. Around about day 3 I would wake up and either be too tired to continue or just simply forget. 

If you're the same, then I have something that will help. 

Below you can download this free self care habit tracker pdf and track all of the new habits you want to be part of your self care routine. You can either print the pdf or use it digitally with planning apps like goodnotes.

This will help you see the progress you're making. 

I've been tracking my habits for a couple of months now I highly recommend doing the same if you want to stick to your new self care morning routine. 

However, give yourself the space to mess up some days, not every little square has to be coloured in. It takes approximately 30 days to start a new routine so if you do this for 1 month, you're well on your way to creating new, healthy habits.

That's all I have to say on creating a self care morning routine for your mental health. One last and final tip to give you is that accountability helps. Knowing someone is there, encouraging you and rooting for you can be really helpful. 

I'd love to see your self care morning routines. Follow me on Instagram (@happily.jessie) and share your new routine on your story and tag me! 

If you're ready to go create your morning routine then go go go! 

If not, keep reading and I'll share with you whats been working for me recently. 

My self care morning routine

I'm constantly adapting my self care morning routine but there are 3 things that stay as a constant part. 

Morning journaling.



Like I said above, sometimes I'm in a rush or I sleep in so I'll listen to a book when I'm packing orders or making stickers. Other times I'll squeeze in extra self care activities like going for a walk or having my breakfast out in the garden if its a nice day. 

I've found having three main activities to be the best foundation for your routine. You can add extra if you have a bit more time but having three solid things you do every morning for your mental health helps you get into these healthy routines. 

Just before you go, if you're wanting to start improving your mental health then my self care workbook will help. 

In the beginning of 2020, I was signed off from my job for stress and depression, completely lost with life and in a really bad place mentally. When the lockdown hit I realised I needed to make some changes. I started really working on myself and my mental health. 

And no I don't mean working out (although I did go walking a lot). 

I started working on challenging my negative and anxious thoughts. 

I started setting boundaries around my time and people. 

I started tracking my mental health and wellbeing. 

After 3 months I felt like a different person. I went back to work, started a small business and began training as a therapist. 

I wanted to find a away to help others achieve the same things I had, that's why I created the Self Care Workbook. 

Self Care Workbook
This 70+ page digital workbook teaches you how to practice real self care in order to improve your mental health. 
There's no waiting, you can print the workbook instantly or use digitally on apps like goodnotes.