Self Care Gift Ideas

Treat yourself or someone you care about to the gift mental wellness with these wonderful relaxing, self care gift ideas. 

We all live such busy, hectic lives and it's easy to forget to slow down and take care of yourself. When we find ourselves in these situations, its time to give yourself the gift of self care. 

Below I've curated a list of some amazing self care gifts designed to promote wellbeing and relaxation. Whether you're buying for yourself or a loved one, you'll find some great gifts below. 

Self Care Gift Ideas

Here you'll find wellness gift ideas for everyone!

Each product will be linked, simply click on the product image to view more. 

The Self Love Journal

self love journal


This journal is a personal favourite of mine. I bought it when I first started to work on my mental health and personal development and it has helped me learn so much about myself. With journal prompts, inspirational quotes and exercises, this journal will help you release self doubt and grow your self esteem. 

Self Care Daily Notepad

Self care notepad

Perhaps my favourite thing on the list, the self care notepad. This is actually one of my own products (click here to view the whole shop). 

We all have busy, hectic lives and self care is not something that is always on our minds. However, if you're wanting to add a bit of wellness into your routine, then this self care notepad is perfect. 

Take 5 minutes every morning to fill out a page in the notepad, track your water intake, set daily goals and practice gratitude.

Rose Quartz Face Roller

face roller
Taking care of your skin is such a great way to practice self care and good skincare. This set of three rose quarts face tools includes the rose quartz roller, Gua Sha and bonus face brush. 
Upgrade your current skincare routine with these face massaging and sculpting tools. 

Yop & Tom Dotted Bullet Journal

bullet journal

I could never understand bullet journaling. I had journaled for years but couldn't get my head around bullet journaling and creating beautiful journal spreads. 

Until this year. 

I ordered this Yop and Tom A5 Bullet Journal with its beautiful gold crescent moon earlier this year and instantly fell in love. In your bullet journal, you can track your wellbeing, track your monthly habits and create beautiful journal spreads about your everyday life.

A bit like this beautiful spread by Miss Louie.

self care menu


If you're a creative person or looking for a self care gift for a arty friend, this bullet journal is the perfect gift.

Aroma Therapy Diffuser & Essential Oils

Give the gift of relaxation with this LED aromatherapy essential oil diffuser. This 5 in 1 aromatherapy device is easy to use with multiple mist timers and can hold up to 300ml of water. 
Essential oil diffusers will create a perfect, relaxing environment so you can breathe and sleep better.
My favourite brand of essential oils for personal use and essential oil diffusers is Tisserand. They create the most wonderful, relaxing blends of essential oils for all aspects of self care. As you can see in the picture above, they have blends for wellbeing, mindfulness, stress, happiness and sleep.

Self Care Digital Workbook

self care workbook

Workbooks and journals are great, but there is something extra special about digital workbooks. 

This self care workbook is full of activities to help you understand and establish boundaries, manage your anxiety and challenge negative thoughts. 

And best of all...

It can be printed again and again. You can use the worksheets as many times as you need to, simply print them out again. 

Self Love Mug

This beautiful self love mug is by GrowUpGabby a positive gift shop based in Cardif, Wales. 
We all love a good cup of tea or coffee on a morning and what better way to have your morning cuppa but with a mug that inspires and motivates you? 
Covered in positive affirmations, this mug is sure to boost your mood in the morning.

Online Therapy

online therapy

Sometimes the best gift you can give to yourself or someone else is to be listened to. 

Online therapy is a great online service where you can chat and get all the online tools you need for your mental wellbeing. By signing up you have access to their complete toolbox of online help including therapists, worksheets, live sessions, journals, activity plans and more. 

If you sign up using my link, you'll get 20% off your first month. 

Positive Stickers

Not all gifts have to be huge gifts. Sometimes a little, positive reminder is enough to boost someones mood. 

Positive stickers can be used anywhere, from decorating your laptop, journals and phone. Personally, I have mine on my laptop on phone to remind me that I've got this! 

All of these stickers are buy 3 and get the 4th one free. Send a positive sticker today as the perfect thinking of you gift. 

Click here to view all the positive, mental health stickers.