Positive Stickers That You Need!

We all need a little dose of inspiration every now and again.

A little positive reminder to get us through the difficult days. 

I wanted to share some of my positive sticker designs that you need in your life! 

How to use these stickers

There are plenty of ways to use stickers. I use mine to decorate my laptop, journals and the back of my phone. 

All of my sticker designs have a peel-able backing which makes them easy to use. 

Oh, and I forgot to mention. All of these stickers have free UK shipping and if you buy 3 you get a 4th sticker for free. 

My favourite positive stickers

Here is some of my favourite positive stickers. You can shop all of these and many more through my website. (If you're an EU customer - check out my Etsy Shop here).


Ever need a little reminder that you're doing okay? This 'you got this' sticker is a great reminder to keep doing what you're doing!
Not all days are going to be good days, and that is okay. But this sticker is a little positive reminder that good days are possible 
When were struggling, it can be hard to remember all the positive things about ourselves. This positive sticker is a mail reminder that you are enough!
This is another positive sticker for hard times. Remember, life is tough but so are you. 
Wouldn't it be lovely to have a little letter reminding you that you are loved? 
Like plants, need love, care and affection in order to grow and become the best version of ourselves.
It's very easy to be hard on yourself and become consumed with negative self beliefs. This is why self love is the best love.