Journal Prompts For Anxiety

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Anxiety has been on the rise recently, and with the global pandemic locking many of us away, causing extra daily stress and throwing our lives upside down, its understandably why. 

I do a lot of daily mental health check-ins over on Instagram (click here to see my account) and often ask the question 'whats effecting your mental health right now?'

The most common answer is always anxiety / anxious thoughts.

But the truth is, there is no quick fix for anxiety. 

Most effective treatments involve months / years of therapy, CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) or some combination of the two. 

However, there are some thing you can do by yourself to work on decreasing your anxiety and anxious thoughts. 

And one of these is journaling. 

How does journaling help anxiety?

I've been journaling for my mental health on and off for many years now. 

If you've read any of my other blog posts on journaling, you'll know I was a huge sceptic. 

Until I actually got started. 

The thing with journaling is it can be difficult to know where and actually how to start. That is why these journal prompts for anxiety will help you actually get started with journaling. 

But, back to the question at hand...

How does journaling actually help with anxiety and anxious thoughts?

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Uncover negative thought patterns

Anxiety and negative thoughts go hand in hand. Your anxious 'what if' moments open the door to negative thoughts and invite them into the little home they've made in your head. 

But negative thoughts are crafty. 

They sneak in and it can be ages before we even realise. 

Identifying your negative thought patterns isn't easy, but journaling can help. 

These journal prompts for anxiety will shine a light on these thoughts. It will help you identify your anxious thoughts and then begin changing the negative patterns. 

Release negative thoughts and feelings

Once you're aware of your anxious thoughts, its easier to challenge and release then. 

Awareness is the first step, then we can use these journal prompts to get to the root of these thoughts in order to move past them.

Find solutions to problems

It can feel impossible to escape anxiety and anxious thoughts. If you struggle with anxiety, you tend to live in your head. 

Journal prompts will help you get all of these overwhelming thoughts and feelings out of your mind and onto paper. 

From there, its easier to find solutions to your problems. 

How to start journaling for anxiety

You don't need a lot of time to start journaling. Just 5-10 minutes in the day, that's all.

You can use any notebook, pen or paper but if you can I recommend having a dedicated journal notebook.

I've gone through about 4-5 notebooks in 4 years!

20 Journal prompts for anxiety

  1. How does anxiety make me feel?
  2. When have you overcome anxiety in the past? Write about that time.
  3. What places, people of things trigger my anxiety?
  4. What am I anxious about right now?
  5. Write a letter to someone tat contributes to your anxiety. (Don't worry, you don't need to send it to them).
  6. What are my top three worries and how can I put them to rest?
  7. What are 3 things I want to remind myself everyday?
  8. How does anxiety make me feel?
  9. How do I contribute to my own anxiety?
  10. What anxious thoughts have been on my mind this week?
  11. What is the biggest thing that having anxiety has taught me?
  12. How do I usually cope with anxiety attacks? What things, place or people help?
  13. On a scale of 1-10, today my anxiety is __ because...
  14. I am strong because...
  15. What am I most proud of myself for?
  16. What specific triggers make me feel overwhelmed and anxious?
  17. Whats my action plan for when I feel an anxiety attack starting?
  18. What is holding me back from challenging my anxiety?
  19. What am I grateful for this week?
  20. What parts of my life does anxiety not effect? 

I hope you find these journal prompts as helpful as I did.

It took me about a month to notice any changes from journaling. 

In three months I was considerably less anxious and more in touch with my emotions. 

I know sticking to journaling can be difficult, that's why I created a 90 day anxiety journal just for you. 

90 Day Anxiety Journal


This journal is a pdf download that you can print or use in apps like goodnotes. It features 90 journal prompts designed to improve your mental health and anxiety. 

Yes, 90 journal prompts. 

All these prompts are ones I've used myself and are designed to help you see your progress over the 3 month period too. 

If you're ready to start challenging and working on your anxiety but don't know where to start, this journal is for you. 

Click here to learn more. 

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